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  • Challenge Toolkit: Geometrics & Tropical Design


    Want to grow your audience? Or, get your existing audience excited about YOU and your brand? An engaged audience wants to read your emails, share your content, leave comments and buy your products!  We all want more of that! This toolkit comes with everything you need to run a successful challenge on any topic that matters…

  • DIY Workbook Kit (Palette: Soft Tropics)


    Creating a workbook from scratch can be time-consuming. Our DIY Workbook Kit will streamline your design process and help you create a workbook that will engage your audience! This kit gives you lots of layout options for each page. Design elements have been kept to a minimum to make it easier for you to quickly…

  • Ebook Covers Template (Palette: Soft Tropics)


    These cover templates are designed for easy customization. It only takes a few minutes to swap out colors, images, and fonts. Add your branding. Repurpose and redesign the template to suit all of your eBook and workbook needs. Ideal for creating: Course workbooks Challenge guides Ebooks What you’ll receive: Access to the Canva template. Design…

  • Engage Your Audience Super Bundle (Canva Templates)


    Hey, Canva users! This giant bundle will pay for itself! How? The Engage Your Audience Canva Super Bundle, gives you the tools you need to kick-start your engagement strategy. I know you’re awesome!  You know you’re awesome!  Now, we just need to get that audience of yours engaged again, so they remember how awesome you…

  • February Promotional Social Media Template Pack


    These February-themed social media templates capture the spirit of love and warmth that defines February, while perfectly showcasing your digital products. Regardless of what you’re selling, our templates are adaptable and easy to use.

  • Financial Organizer/Planner Template (Birds & Blues Design)


    This Canva financial organizer features birds and shades of blues, along with everything you need to stay on top of all of your financial details.

    Like this planner? We also have a pink and purple floral version available. (Click here to see it!)

  • Financial Organizer/Planner Template (Pink & Purple Floral Design)


    This Canva financial organizer features a beautiful floral design and everything needed to get your finances in order.

    Like this planner? We also have a birds and blues version available. (Click here to see it!)

  • Floral “Ink-saver” Health & Fitness Planner (Canva)


    Introducing our Floral Ink-saver Planner, uniquely designed with sleek black floral line art, combining elegance and practicality. This planner also includes 5- and 6-week monthly calendars, so you can use it every year, even when a month has more or less weeks than the year before.

  • Mockup of the Lunch Note Joke Cards

    Lunch Note Joke Cards (Extended License)


    Lunch note joke cards are not only fun, but a great evergreen product. And, even though they have year-round appeal, they can still be positioned for seasonal search during back-to-school season or April Fool’s. For even broader appeal, market these for use beyond just school lunches. Help your customers see all the ways they can share a smile, when they share these cards!

  • Menus for the School Year

    Ideal for busy parents who want to plan lunches during the school year, but keep it fun for the kids!
    And, don’t let the title limit you. With just a few clicks in Canva, these can be customized for all kinds of uses!
  • Mockup of the Canva template with a computer monitor showing part of the cover, 3-pages of workbook template spread out and phone image showing a workbook page.

    New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Family Activity Kit (Extended License)


    Help your customers make memories. This template set includes activities to ring in the New Year and worksheets to guide families in creating personal and shared resolutions they can track throughout the year.

  • Pinterest Templates: Geometrics & Tropical Design


    Simplify your Pinterest marketing with this easy-to-customize pack of pin templates. You want to post fresh pins consistently so Pinterest takes notice of your brand and this pack makes it super simple. What you’ll receive: (43) 1000 X 1500 px template designs Fully editable to suit your needs and branding. This set coordinates with our…