This license only applies to the graphics or digital product templates you purchased with an extended use Canva template license. If you purchased multiple products, please make sure to read the license that accompanies each product, as items may have different licenses. This license only applies to graphics and templates that explicitly state on the sales page, that they include an extended use license for Canva templates.

You are granted extended commercial use rights to products created from this template.

What You Can Do:

  • ·You can use the template to create products you sell to an end user AND those you sell as editable templates with PLR.
  • If you sell these as editable templates, please be sure you have removed any pages of the template that identify That PLR Girl. Please also ensure you have changed the Canva file name to something unique to your business.
  • ·You can use the template to create products you sell or give away.

What You Cannot Do:

  • If you are selling the product(s) you create from this template, on a platform that requires products be unique (like Etsy), you must make appropriate customizations to fit those requirements and cannot use the design “as is.” (I reserve the right to sell my products “as is” on any platform.)
  • If someone wishes to purchase the original template you received from me, please refer them to me at (I’d love for you to join the affiliate program! Sign up here.)
  • Do not mention my name or That PLR Girl when you sell or share the product(s) created using this template.

Canva Policies:

  • Because this template is created within Canva, it is recommended you review Canva’s licensing and legal policies as well. These change from time to time, and you will want to ensure your usage is also in compliance with their terms.
  • This template may include graphics taken from Canva’s free graphic resources. Please follow their current use policies for their free graphics.
  • You can review their terms of use at

Additional Notes About Graphics:

  • Some of our Canva templates also include graphic elements we have designed in-house. This extended license allows you to use the graphics in any products you create with this template; however, it is a violation of this license to extract them for use in other, unrelated products. (If you would like to purchase our graphics for use in unrelated projects, please reach out to

If you have any question about the license, please contact me at