Welcome to my Online Space!

A little about me

Hi! I’m Rebecca.

I live in Texas with my AMAZING daughter. Not only is she a big part of my “why” for building my own business, she is also a big part of the business, period. She may not be old enough to drive a car, but she can navigate new tech and is more decisive than I am when it comes to creative decisions. I hope being part of this business, ensures that she grows up knowing that we can all build the life we dream of.

This business is where my passions and skills (finally) intersected.  It’s where my priorities, goals, and strengths aligned. I am working hard at this business because I love doing this.  There’s a good chance that describes you too!  

I hope my business can serve your business. Let’s be business friends and share this entrepreneurial journey!


Have any Questions?

I would love to hear from you if there is something you want to share or ask.  You can email me directly at hello@thatplrgirl.com to get in touch and I’ll return the favor within 24 business hours.